Caring for plants isn't always straight forward

Our relationship with plants is harmonious when it works… but frustrating when it doesn’t. Remembering to water and knowing when not to can be a real challenge in today’s distracted world.

When getting it wrong leads to leaves dying, rotting roots, or losing a plant, the stakes are high. For many plant parents, these hard lessons have left us longing for a solution. This is what inspired us to create Quench.


Quench Takes The Guesswork Out of Plant Care

Quench lets your plant tell you when it needs water. 

All you need to do is listen! 

By letting Quench do the hard stuff for you, you can experience more of the joys of owning plants, and less of the frustrations.

Optimal watering time... always

- Every Quench Plays a UNIQUE Tone

- Illuminates Red In Night Mode

- Batteries Last Years

- Smart Light Sensing

- Advanced Moisture Detection Algorithm

- Dry-Loving Plants: Insert Deeper

- Water-Loving Plants: Insert Shallower

- Corrosion Resistant, Metal Alloy Sensors

Made To Last

Quench is engineered with longevity in mind. The easily replaceable button batteries last at least 3-years. The robust, corrosion-resistant sensors and other components were designed to last the life of your plant. There is no need for refills, subscriptions, or other ongoing costs.

Simple, Steamlined, Designed to Last

Built For Simplicity

Quench is 100% phone and app-free. In a world of non-stop mobile notifications, we didn’t want your plants to get lost in the noise. Quench is perfect for all plant lovers - not just the tech-savvy ones. Quench is so easy to use that even kids can get involved and learn the responsibility and joys of caring for plants.

No APP, No Subscription, No Complicated Setup

Simply Insert Quench and Let Quench Tell You When To Water

All you need to do is listen!

The Story of Quench

  • No more watering anxiety

  • Thriving plants with ease

  • Optimal watering, always

Beautiful, Thriving, Houseplants with Ease

"I have a lot of plants and some rarer ones that are receiving all my attention. I often forgot to water my common plants and I had a few casualties. Since using Quench , I never forgot to water my Marble Queen ! It's life changing !"


"An amazing device perfect for a busy-underwaterer plant parent. It's also a perfect device for new plant parents to help them be in-tuned with their plants without sacrificing mishaps. I would definitely get my hands on more of them! I highly recommend!"


"A precious help for beginners but also very busy experts! Or for those like me who have too many plants !!!"


"I'm the type of person that needs a strict routine or frequent reminders or I'll just forget to do things. Soils dry inconsistently based on the density, ambient humidity in your home, temperature, and how much airflow there is—Quench fills that gap and makes sure I don’t forget."


"Definitely a great little invention to help you with those problem plants that just just can't make happy!"


"Watering seems easy, but it's one of the main causes of plant distress, and it's stressful as a plant parent when you're not sure what your plant wants. Whether you're an over-waterer or an under-waterer, Quench helps ease the watering guesswork, making plant parenthood that little bit easier!"


"I used quench on my pothos. I have 3 different varieties all in front of the same window. When the quench alerted me to water my pothos I knew it was time to water all 3 plants."


"A lifesaver when you have a variety of plants with different soil moisture and watering requirements!"


"I've been a plant parent for a few years now and I've gotten pretty good at telling when my plants need water, but I still have plants that I cannot keep alive for the life of me. I've tried checking the soil with my fingers, or having a strict schedule for when I water them but they still die! I hate buying nice, healthy, and expensive plants just for them to die in a few weeks. So, I tried quench on my tricky plants and they have been THRIVING. I don't have to guess when my plants need water anymore. I don't have to stress about forgetting to water them because it alerts you, and the chirps that quench makes to alert you is so cute! It’s like the plant is singing to you itself to tell you it’s thirsty. All around this is a great product! I've already told all my friends that they need to get quench for their plants."


"Quench is perfect for forgetful plant parents. Love the way it gives a gentle reminder that it’s time to water!"


"This is a great device for not just new plant parents but also for those who can't seem to figure out when is the right time to water a certain plant. There are some finicky plants that have died in my care that have been watered too early or too late and am sure I would have avoided that if I had this device back then. Overall it's a sleek device and I'm a fan. I'm sure I don't have to beat my head to figure out when to water a plant because I got a friend in Quench to do that for me now."


"Quench is a great tool for automatically notifying you when it's time to water. For those more difficult plants you may have under or overwatered in the past, this tool is an asset."


"This is a life saver for people like me! 4kids, work full time and 100 plus plants!! Needed a reminder and this is the answer☺️"


"Quench is a cool new device that can help you get the watering just right for your precious little green beauties! I love how it works and the chirping sound is perfect."


"As someone who barely has a green thumb, I was curious to see if the water schedule my plants were on was appropriate. Quench helped me confirm the optimal watering intervals so I can be more confident in our routine."


"Quench is such a great idea for busy plant lovers such as myself. Sometimes "that plant in the corner" gets forgotten about it the busyness of life. Quench is the perfect tool to remind you to water that plant baby!"


"The chirping sound is just adorable. It's very quiet but since it beeps every few seconds it is noticeable"


"Quench is so easy to use, just the perfect size and a soft sound that tells you when it’s time to water your plants. Totally life and a game changer for the busy plant parents!"


"Quench is perfect for that plant in your collection that is just a little fussy - you’ll never forget to water it! The alarm is gentle, almost like my plant is telling me to water it!"


"I’ve known for a while that I tend to underwater some of my plants so having something that tells me “hey you probably need to check on this one” is a great option for me!"


"It’s perfect for people with busy life and lots of plants! I’ve been trying it for a while now and I believe it notifies me always on the right moment! I am using this reminder even for all the other plant with similar needs , and it is working perfectly!"


"This definitely helped remind me to water my plants during busy times, and also let me know when I need to water! I never know when I need to water my plants!"