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The Thriving Houseplants of Your Dreams Await

plays a gentle tone when it's time to water

Caring for plants isn't always straight forward

Our relationship with plants is harmonious when it works… but frustrating when it doesn’t. Remembering to water and knowing when not to can be a real challenge in today’s distracted world.

When getting it wrong leads to leaves dying, rotting roots, or losing a plant, the stakes are high. For many plant parents, these hard lessons have left us longing for a solution. This is what inspired us to create Quench.

Quench Placed in Boston Fern

A moisture meter that makes plant care easy

Hand holding Calathea with Quench

Adjust the depth to suit your plant

Dry loving plants:

Insert Deeper
~level 3-4

Water loving plants:

Insert Shallower
~level 1-2

Examples of water loving plants


Whether you’re a green thumb or plant killer, Quench can help your house plants thrive. Here what these plants parents have to say about Quench. 

Plant Parent Assessment Tool

Do I ...


Quench has you covered!

Quench only notifies you when it measures that your soil is dry, so you don't need to worry about water too often.


Quench has your back!

No matter how busy your life gets, you can have peace of mind that Quench will remind you when to water your plants. All you need to do is listen!

I Am A ...


Quench can help

Quench can still help with those finicky plants, easy to forget hidden plants, and times when light and humidity levels change. Quench has you covered!


Fear Not!

Quench can turn anyone into a responsible plant parent. All you need to do is listen!

Which size is right for you...

Quench - REGULAR

Quench - Regular

Can be used in almost all plant sizes. It works best in pot depths less than 8" (20 cm).
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Quench - LARGE

Quench -Large

Can be used in large pots with a depth greater than 8" (20 cm).
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We believe in a world where anyone can own beautiful houseplants with ease...

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