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Quench - Regular

Quench - Regular

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Help your houseplants thrive by watering at the optimal time


🌿 Chimes when your plant needs water - Prevents plants from dying due to over and under watering.

🌿 Every Quench plays a unique tone - Just as every plant is unique, every Quench plays a unique chime to give each of your plants a unique voice. 

🌿 Blinks red at night - If your plant needs water during the night, Quench lights up red instead so will never disturb your sleep. Quench requires 1.5 days to "learn" your specific environment to determine when it will transition to night mode

🌿 Handy scale to set the correct depth for your plant - 

Water Loving Plants - Adjust Quench to level ~1,2 to ensure optimal watering

Dry Loving PlantsAdjust Quench to level ~3,4 to ensure optimal watering

🌿 Metal alloy sensors - Quench sensors are made from a metal alloy allowing unmatched soil moisture detection

🌿 Easily replaceable batteries last years - Quench batteries will last on average over 3 years. Quench will produce two beeps when the battery level becomes low. Replace with two inexpensive, common LR44 button batteries

🌿 Tips: 


- Use Quench Regular for plant pots under 8-10 inches

- Use Quench Large for plant pots over 8-10 inches

POT - Use a plant pot with drainage to prevent overwatering of you plant in case you added too much water

SOIL - Use standard soil/peat based potting mixes to help ensure sensors have good physical contact with the soil

LIGHT - Don't place Quench in the middle of very dense foliage or Quench may have difficulty knowing when it is daytime and will only blink.  

 Package includes

1 x Quench Regular Moisture Meter with batteries

1 x Quench instruction pamphlet

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Never forget to water your plants again!

How To

1. Pull out the battery tab

2. Insert into your houseplant soil at the correct depth

3. Use your finger to compress the soil around the sensors to ensure good contact

4. Water your plant to further let the soil settle around the sensors

5. Wait until you hear Quench chime or see it blink at night and give your plant a thorough watering

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Great reminder without the complexity

I’m using Quench to grow a Giant Squoia seedling, one the most difficult trees to grow because of light, soil and water requirements are tough to get right. It prefers a moist environment, and I have the soil and light right but interestingly, I was over watering it and I had to repot this little seedling 3 times because of root rot and needed something that was easy to notify me when to water. So far, after two weeks of use, just watered the seedling twice when alerted. I was watering it in the past when the soil looked dry, which was a couple times a week. Also scaled back the amount of water too, just to figure it out. Really easy to use. Wish I had this when I planted the seed, would have prevented the root rot.

Thank you so much for your review Raed! I've never used Quench with a Giant Sequoia and excited to hear how it goes!

These work great!

I'm not very good at keeping plants alive. But my kids keep buying them for me. These Quench products are just annoying enough to get me up to water the plants. I have a plant that started as greenery in a gift basket that fills half my front window now.


Works perfectly

Rohan Mandelia
Great product and even better customer service!

I purchased a large and regular meter recently. Shipping from Canada to the US took a few extra days, understandably. The regular size meter went in a small pot containing a Rhoeo Oyster. The meter was easy to use and has taught me that I was incorrectly watering the plant. I was watering frequently with a small amount of water, which wasn't actually reaching the roots. So now I water less frequently, when the Quench helpfully chirps, but soak the plant so that it's getting the water it needs.

The large meter went in a Dracaena tree, which has well drained soil. Unfortunately, the meter did not work, chirping constantly because it couldn't detect the drained moisture. I wrote to the company and not only did they immediately refund me, they haven't asked me to return the product and Andy even sent a personalized video letting me know what my other options were with the large meter. Above and beyond!

Danielle Hensley
Easier plant care!

I went from 2 houseplants to over 20 in the span of 18 months and making sure they all received water was getting hard. Especially for the plants that didn't show thirst by drooping. I finally took the plunge and I'm so glad I did! Quench has made caring for the most thirsty or temperamental plants so much easier. I had one that was faulty and the owner responded to my message almost immediately and quickly replaced it with an apology, outstanding service!
I do wish there was a 2 hour silence button as it's a bit annoying to wake up to plants beeping nonstop. I'd much rather deal with them after coffee, haha.

How to

Simply insert Quench in the soil, and let your plant tell you when to water

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