About Us

From Loss To Light Bulb 

"We love houseplants!

We could not live without them. Although we call ourselves green thumbs, we still find when life gets busy we forget to water our plants. Also, due to the northern Canadian city we live in, our houseplants' indoor environment is constantly changing. Factors like changing humidity, varying hours of sunlight throughout the year, along with other factors make soil drying time unpredictable. The result is we still sometimes don’t water our plants at the optimal time.

These watering challenges are what made us put our electrical engineering backgrounds to use and create a watering alarm unlike anything on the market. Although Quench was built around simplicity, Quench's advanced algorithms based on years of testing have helped our houseplants thrive with ease.

We are doing what we can to share Quench with the world and are excited for you to be part of this journey.

Andrea Samaratunga & Andy Burke,
Founders, QuenchPlant


The Minds Behind Quench


Andrea Samartunga

Our founder and fearless leader

Andy Burke

Our founder and plant nerd

Ford Clapperton

Our marketing hipster

GUARANTEE: We guarantee you’ll grow beautiful, thriving plants or your money back. If QUENCH doesn’t work for you, simply return them and we’ll refund you 100% of your money.