About Us

From Loss To Light Bulb 

"When I first moved out on my own, my immediate desire was to fill my home with plants. As an engineer with a busy schedule, I often found it difficult to remember to water them. While some plants are forgiving, others are not. After seeing the leaves wither and die on my large Dracaena, I knew I needed something to help.

I searched for a moisture meter that would remind me to water my plants, but I couldn’t find one that was effective for me. Some didn’t work, some were large and unsightly, and others only gave visual cues. Remembering to check a moisture meter was no easier than remembering to water. That is when I had my 'light bulb moment.'

Since that day, my vision has been to build a moisture meter that gives a voice to my plants. With simplicity as my guiding principle,  I set out to make a device to help plant parents feel confident in caring for their plants and inspire new plant parents to start their journey.

For four years, I rigorously tested and perfected each detail, never rushing the process. Over 20 prototypes later, I came up with the design that offered the best performance, functionality, aesthetic, and user experience. I am so excited to finally launch Quench.”

- Andy, Founder of @QuenchPlant


The Minds Behind Quench

Andy Burke, Founder and Plant Nerd

With over a decade of experience as an engineering physicist, Andy has built a successful career using creativity and ingenuity to solve problems. By leveraging his extensive background in both hardware and software, he is the perfect fit to solve this challenge not only for himself, but for all plant lovers.


Andrea Samartunga, Fearless Leader
A passionate and motivated leader, Andrea has successfully managed multiple technical projects throughout her career. With her combined passion for plants and engineering background, Andrea has been instrumental in making Quench a reality. She weaves her tenacity and innovation into the design, marketing, and operations at Quench. 


Ford Clapperton, Marketing Hipster
Ford is a young entrepreneur who brings a fresh perspective to the team. Being a fourth-year student hasn't stopped him from dedicating himself to the Quench vision. He's played an invaluable role in shaping the Quench brand and our marketing strategies.

We are so confident in Quench, we'll offer a 60 day money back gurantee