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BREAKING NEWS: Engineer develops a groundbreaking device to help any PLANT OWNER grow beautiful THRIVING plants.

If you KNEW you could grow ANY plant without worrying about them dying, how many would you grow?

Did you know that the average household has over 12 plants?

But, most plant owners are constantly frustrated by how quickly they die.

They aren’t sure when to water them. How much or how often to water them. And, ultimately giving up thinking they have the dreaded…


We get it.

In fact, we had the same problem.

That’s why we developed QUENCH.

The world’s first device to give your plant a voice.

You’ll never have to worry about when or how much to water your plants.

Quench will tell you.

Sure, you could use other methods. Like watering globes, irrigation systems or the dreaded finger check.

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10 pack of QUENCH water alarms

Quench is a first-of-its-kind device that reads soil resistivity and plays a unique tone to let you know when it's time to water. By giving your plants a voice, you'll never have to rely on memory or guesswork again. And worry not, the tone is subtle and soft, so you'll hear it in a quiet moment, but it won't disrupt your day

Quench lets your plant tell you when it needs water. All you need to do is listen! By letting Quench do the hard stuff for you, you can experience more of the joys of owning plants, and less of the frustrations.


$170  $200

GUARANTEE: We guarantee you’ll grow beautiful, thriving plants or your money back. If QUENCH doesn’t work for you, simply return them and we’ll refund you 100% of your money.