Quench is alarming too late

If you think Quench is alarming too late, here are some tips that can help:

1. Quench thinks it’s nighttime so it’s actually blinking.

If Quench is blinking instead of making a tone, it might be because it’s hidden too well under the shade of your plant. Try moving Quench further away from your plant such that during the day it can more easily sense the light.

2. The batteries died. 

Quench starts making two beeps when the battery level becomes low. To make sure Quench is still working and the batteries are not completely drained, try taking Quench out of the soil, place it in a bright room, and ensure that you hear a tone. If you don’t, remove the plastic cover and replace the two standard LR44 batteries.

3. Quench is too quiet. 

We designed the tone of Quench to quiet and subtle. We also designed Quench such that every Quench produces a unique mix of sound frequencies. If you have trouble hearing Quench, try switching your Quench devices to a different location. Try using the quieter Quench in a quieter room or in a plant that is closer to ear level.

GUARANTEE: We guarantee you’ll grow beautiful, thriving plants or your money back. If QUENCH doesn’t work for you, simply return them and we’ll refund you 100% of your money.